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Privacy policy

How do we treat your personal data

Version 4.0, 08.11.2021


ConnectID provides easy and secure login and the option of payment on a number of different online services. After creating a ConnectID user account, you can easily log in with the same username and password on the various online services. A typical online service is digital access to a newspaper or magazine.

For the use of the individual online services, the respective privacy statement applies to the individual online services. ConnectID is provided by Mediaconnect AS.

Below we describe how we collect, use and protect personal information and other information in connection with your use of our services and how you can contact us about our processing of your personal information.

All processing of personal data takes place in accordance with Norwegian privacy legislation. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with this privacy statement in its entirety so that you understand how we collect and use personal information.

Personal information basics

Personal information is information and assessments that can be linked to an identifiable individual. The processing of personal data is any use of personal data, such as collection, registration, compilation, storage and disclosure or a combination of such uses. All processing of personal data is subject to the Personal Data Act, and the Data Inspectorate supervises the law and helps to ensure that the privacy of each individual is not violated through the use of personal data.

The data controller is the term for the entity who is primarily responsible and obliged under the Personal Data Act. Mediaconnect AS is the data controller of personal data that is processed in connection with the use of ConnectID, including registration of a user account.

The associated ConnectID service is the data controller of personal data that is processed in connection with the use of the relevant online service.

Purpose of treatment

Personal information is used by Mediaconnect to manage your customer relationship, to provide you with the services, respond to inquiries from you, make you aware of changes, and in other contexts where Mediaconnect must know who we are in contact with.

We also use personal information to adapt, improve and further develop our services, including providing you with relevant information so that you can choose the services that suit you best.

Information we collect

We register personal information about you both when creating a ConnectID account and when subsequently using the user account. The information is collected in the following ways:

Information you provide to us

When you create a ConnectID account, you will provide your email address or phone number which is stored by us. This information is stored by us in order to recognize you as a user so that we can provide or ensure delivery of the service you have ordered.

You will receive a code by SMS or e-mail upon first registration so that we can verify that you are the holder of the stated number/address.

You can choose to register a ConnectID account and later log in to a service based on an existing account in one of the following external services, Facebook, Google, Apple or Vipps. If you register using such external services, a ConnectID account will be created for you with the e-mail address you are registered with on these services. Only the e-mail address you have in the external service will be stored in your ConnectID account, except for Vipps, where your mobile number, name and postal addresses will also be stored.

The processing basis for this processing of e-mail address or telephone number is Article 6(1)(b) of the General Data Protection Regulation on compliance with the User Terms for ConnectID.

Information collected through the use of the services

When you use our services, we store information about your activity, including which services you visit and how you use them. The information can be divided into the following types:

  • Technical information about your device and internet connection
  • Logging in and out of your user account, including which service you logged in to
  • Cookies - see also separate section on cookies

The processing basis for this processing of e-mail address or telephone number is Article 6(1)(b) of the General Data Protection Regulation on compliance with the User Terms for ConnectID.

Information from other sources

If you choose to log in to ConnectID through the existing user profile at Facebook, Google, Apple or Vipps, we receive login information from these parties, including e-mail address and/or telephone number. Information from these sources may also include personal information that was registered by them before you accepted the User Terms.

The processing basis for this processing of e-mail address or telephone number is Article 6(1)(b) of the General Data Protection Regulation on compliance with the User Terms for ConnectID.

Information sharing

When using ConnectID for login, Mediaconnect exchanges relevant information from your ConnectID profile to the online service. The information is only shared to the extent necessary to provide the services to you and is limited to the information we process as described above. The providers of the online services are themselves responsible for processing in accordance with current privacy legislation, and thus required to process your personal data in accordance with current regulations. See the online services’ own privacy statements for more information about their processing of personal information.

We will not share, sell, disseminate or otherwise disclose personal information about you in any way other than as stated in this privacy statement, unless we are required to do so as a result of a binding court decision or we have obtained your consent. However, this does not prevent us from using data processors who process the personal data on our behalf in accordance with the data processor agreement.

Data processors who gain access to your personal information in connection with the provision of services to us (e.g. operating suppliers), are subject to a duty of confidentiality, and they are not allowed to use this information in any other way than in the performance of services for us. Providers of operating and storage services store personal information in Norway and Sweden. No personal data is transferred out of the EU/EEA, neither by our data processors nor their subcontractors.

When you make a purchase with ConnectID, your card information will be stored securely and encrypted with one of our payment service providers. ConnectID will only store anonymized information about the payment information. The payment service provider is itself responsible for the processing of personal data and security in connection with payment.

Your rights

The Personal Data Act gives you several rights that you can exercise in various ways. Your rights are based on:

  • To be able to withdraw a consent at any time
  • To request that personal information about you be corrected or deleted
  • To request access to personal information registered about you
  • To be able to oppose certain types of use of your personal information or to demand that the processing be restricted
  • Require information to be provided or transferred to a new service provider
  • To complain to the Data Protection Agency

Inquiries regarding your rights can be directed to

To ensure that personal information is disclosed to the right person, we may require that the request for access be made in writing or that identity be verified in another way.

If you want to end the use of ConnectID, and delete your ConnectID account, you can send an email to Please note that you will then no longer be able to log in to the various online services to access your digital content. All your associated personal information will be deleted as soon as we have confirmed your identity, and you will be notified by Mediaconnect as soon as the deletion has taken place.

Storage and security

We have established routines and measures at various levels to ensure that unauthorized persons do not gain access to your personal information and that all processing of the information otherwise takes place in accordance with applicable law.

All information about you will be stored on secured storage devices, and we do our utmost to secure all information from you in the best possible way. It is nevertheless the case that information transmitted over the internet is not completely secured, and we can therefore not guarantee against unauthorized access. All payment transactions are encrypted with industry-standard technology. It is important that you keep the password that gives access to your ConnectID account secret and this is your responsibility.


Mediaconnect uses cookies to recognize you as the same logged-in user, so you do not have to log in again. Cookies are text files that the service stores on your device. The files can only be read by Mediaconnect and by yourself. Mediaconnect only uses cookies that are strictly necessary to provide the service. You can prevent cookies from being stored on your computer by changing your browser settings. However, this may affect the functionality and quality of the service.


We will be able to periodically update the privacy statement for ConnectID, to reflect any changes to the solution or our website policy. In the event of significant changes to this privacy statement, we will inform you of this, as well as inform you as a user of ConnectID in accordance with provisions on changes to the User Terms.