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User terms

Terms of use of ConnectID and associated services

Version 4.0, 08.11.2021


These User Terms apply to the registration and use of Mediaconnect AS’s (“Mediaconnect”) login and payment solution (“ConnectID” or “the Service”).

ConnectID provides easy and secure login and the possibility of payment for a number of different online services. After creating a ConnectID user account, you can easily log in with the same username and password on the various online services.

For the use of the individual online services, the terms of the agreement between you and the provider of the individual web service apply, and you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the terms of the individual online service.


When registering in ConnectID, you create a personal account. You will receive a code by SMS or e-mail upon first registration so that we can verify that you are the holder of the stated number / address. All information you provide in connection with the registration must be correct and you are responsible for always keeping your personal information up to date. The account is for your personal and private use, and it is not allowed to transfer the account to others, or let others share or use your account.

You can choose to both register a ConnectID account and later log in to a service based on an existing profile in external services such as Facebook, Google, Apple or Vipps. If you register using such external services, a ConnectID account will be created for you with the e-mail address you are registered with on these services. Only the e-mail address you have in the external service will be stored in your ConnectID account, except for Vipps, where your mobile number, name and postal addresses will also be stored.

Information in your user profile can later be automatically updated with information that you register using a service associated with ConnectID (address changes, etc.). When you log in to an online service with your ConnectID account, this service will have access to the information registered in the ConnectID user profile.

You must choose your own password, and this must be unique and distinctive. You are responsible for ensuring that your username and password are stored securely and that the information is not made known to unauthorized persons. You are also responsible for all purchases and transactions made through your user account. In case of suspicion of misuse of the account, you may be asked to change your password. Mediaconnect and providers of connected online services may also, in the event of suspected use of ConnectID, who violate these User Terms, block access to ConnectID and the online service, or take other measures to prevent misuse. In such cases, Mediaconnect will seek to notify you without undue delay.


Your ConnectID account can be used to pay for access to online services and related goods and services that require payment. Mediaconnect uses third-party providers to carry out payment transactions.

When you make a purchase with ConnectID, your card information will be stored securely and encrypted with one of our payment service providers. ConnectID will only store anonymous information about the payment information. Payment information will only be shared with third parties, including the payment provider, where necessary to complete payment transactions.

Mediaconnect’s responsibility

ConnectID is offered as it is (“as is”) and without any guarantee of availability or quality. The service is available around the clock but delays or interruptions may occur due to the need for maintenance and updates, or conditions beyond the control of Mediaconnect. Indirect losses, including losses due to operational interruptions and loss of data, cannot be claimed. Mediaconnect is not responsible for the actions of the user when that user is logged in to online services. For further information about how Mediaconnect is processing personal data, see the privacy statement.

User responsibility

The User is obliged not to act in violation of these User Terms, the terms of use for the online services, as well as applicable laws, regulations and generally accepted standards for use. Such conduct is considered a default as described in the section on default below.

Duration and termination

This agreement runs until terminated by one of the parties.

Upon termination of ConnectID, you will no longer have access to online services that require login without creating a new ConnectID account. Prepaid amounts will not be refunded in such a case. If any of the network services has a fixed agreement period, the provider of the online service may demand payment for the remaining part of the agreement period.

If you want to end the use of ConnectID, and delete your ConnectID account, you can send an email to Please note that you will then no longer be able to log in to access the various online services.


Mediaconnect may without notice and with immediate effect close or suspend your access to ConnectID if it is discovered or suspected that ConnectID is being used in violation of this agreement, including the intended use, any special terms for individual services, laws, regulations, and generally accepted standards for use.

If you breach the terms of these User Terms, you may be liable for any losses and costs incurred by Mediaconnect. The supplier may terminate the agreement if you materially breach the terms. Unauthorized use of ConnectID is considered a material breach. Upon termination, Mediaconnect may close your access to ConnectID immediately and without notice and without obligation to refund any advance payment for the individual online services.

Intellectual property rights

All material relating to ConnectID, including trademarks, program codes, text, images and more, belongs to Mediaconnect or its licensors. You may not use such material in any way other than as provided in these User Terms.


Mediaconnect has the right to make changes to the terms of ConnectID, as well as changes to the service’s content and functionality. In the event of significant changes to your detriment, you will be given reasonable notice of this, unless the change must be implemented in order to fulfill a statutory order or obligations to third parties.

In the event of such changes, you can terminate the agreement with effect from the day the change takes effect. If you continue to use ConnectID after the change has taken effect, you are deemed to have accepted the change.

These terms will be updated from time to time, and we will notify you if the changes require a new consent from you.


Mediaconnect has the right to transfer this agreement in whole or in part, including its customer relationship with you, to third parties as part of the transfer of ConnectID and associated business. Any transfer under this clause does not imply any transfer of your customer relationship using ConnectID-affiliated online services.

Choice of law and dispute resolution

These User Terms are governed by Norwegian law. Any disputes that the parties do not resolve amicably, shall be submitted to the Oslo District Court for a decision unless otherwise provided by mandatory law.